• Tanya Weekes

    Thanks for sharing this! I really want to start visiting more countries in Africa so this is really helpful. Thankyou!

    • Melanin Travel

      Glad you enjoyed it! Africa is such a beautiful continent, so I hope I’m showcasing the beauty of it well!

  • Sarah

    I’m sold, sound like the perfect place to bounce around the country! Looks like a beautiful spot and an awesome trip. I hope I get to visit soon!

    • Melanin Travel

      I hope you get to visit too! I can’t wait to return.

  • Jess Harling

    I know so little about Swaziland! In fact this is the first post ive read on it! Thanks for the info

    • Melanin Travel

      No problem at all – I knew very little as well! I’m happy I can contribute to people learning more about Swaziland 🙂