Melanin Travel provides valuable information for travellers all over the world from the African diaspora. We are always open to accepting high-quality curated voluntary submissions.

Currently, we’re really keen on receiving submissions on being black while travelling, insights into other cultures through food or music, and reviews. Written pieces, high-quality photography projects, or video content – we love them all.

If you have written or visual work that you’d like us to consider for Melanin Travel, please send a proposal to at

Proposal guidelines

Send us a short pitch and include the following:

– Who you are
– The format of your submission
– The article title
– A 150-300 word outline. Lead with the hook to grab our attention
– Links to previous work, if applicable
– Whether you will provide high-quality images to complement your work

If you would like to submit a finished article, it must be unique and not published anywhere on the web already.

The subject heading for your proposal should include the theme and destination of your idea, e.g. “Submission: Being black in Australia – My experience in Sydney.” If we have to read throughout the whole pitch to understand your story, you should take another look at your subject line.

Things we like

Interesting topics that spark discussion; guides to hook our readers up; advice; fun listicles; an authoritative writing style (our readers need to trust what you are writing); articles in dual languages (e.g. French and English); writers who are familiar with Melanin Travel’s style and audience.

Things we don’t like

Boring narratives (while it may seem interesting, we don’t need to know what you did from the moment you got out of bed); articles that lack structure ; reinventing the wheel; not meeting deadlines; articles that have not been proofread (you must edit your piece to the best of your ability before sending it to us); extremely informal language; and articles that are only written for African American readers without specifying (Melanin Travel is a British website with a global focus, so keep that in mind! If the article is for a specific segment of the diaspora, make it clear to us).

Tips before you send an email

Have a look through our website. Topics that have been covered once likely don’t need to be covered again, unless you can jazz it up!

Take a look through the comments on our Instagram feed. Our lovely readers often write queries there. If you can build an impressive pitch through one of their queries, then you’ve got our attention.

Keep an eye on this page. The submissions we are keen on will change as needed. However, if you have an idea that is burning to be pitched, still send it through.

And while we’d love to answer your email in seconds, it is not always possible. Please wait a week before following up with us, but we’ll make sure to give you a final decision. If we decide not to go ahead with the proposal, we welcome you to send a different proposal.

Looking forward to your perfectly crafted pitch!


Receive free guides, advice and updates straight to your inbox. We'll even send you a guide right now!


Receive free guides, advice and updates straight to your inbox. We'll even send you a guide right now!