Melanin Travel is a London-based platform, curating information to help you travel the world.

If you’re looking for information to improve your travelling experiences from well informed travellers, need advice to embark on your first solo journey, or you simply need to read advice from someone who understands the experiences you may face as a black traveller: we’ve got you.

Whether you’re male or female, a complete beginner or a travelling expert, a solo or group wanderluster, our goal is to provide resources to answer your questions, but most importantly, make your experiences unique.

We’ve chosen some awesome travellers from the African diaspora to share their love for travel through articles that will benefit you. So enjoy the ride, amigo.

If you want to partner with us, or just want to say hi, please drop us a line at info@melanintravel.com.

Now, onto the brains & beauty behind Melanin Travel:

Vivienne Dovi
Vivienne Dovi
Founder & Chief Editor

British-born with West African roots, Vivienne started her adventures before she can even remember. She created Melanin Travel to inspire the African diaspora and highlight the different experiences of travelling while black. You’ll often find her daydreaming to Hip Hop, discussing intersectional feminism and race, or researching for her next getaway.

Nasir Fleming
Nasir Fleming

Based in Connecticut, USA, Nasir is a 20-something trying to rack up his passport stamps. Most of his time is spent studying colonial history and its effects on queer identity and gender roles. He firmly believes reading the stories of others provides a foundation for self analysis and critique.