Where to stay in Tofo, Mozambique

Tofo is an ideal honeymoon location, but is also a great match for adventurers. Snorkelling, diving, horse riding and many other activities can be completed in the area.

While I was in Tofo, I learned that where you establish your base will affect your experience. While Tofo beach is the main attraction, there are other beaches that have lodging but they are quite far.

You will most likely walk everywhere, so the closer you are to Tofo beach, the more pleasant your holiday will be.

You will spend less time and energy locating places, but also finding your accommodation after dark. Tofo is poorly lit, and oftentimes you will need to walk in complete darkness once the sun sets. Plus, if you stay in great accommodation – I expand on one place below – you will have a front row seat to the spectacular sunrises and sunsets that cast the sky.

Where I stayed

Baia Sonambula (Melanin Travel rating: 5/5)


Serene and pure aesthetic goals, Baia Sonambula is a bed & breakfast that was built for couples. The design makes Baia Sonambula the quintessential honeymoon accommodation.

Don’t worry if you are single though. You will enjoy your time here.

Baia Sonambula is located right on Tofo’s beachfront, and depending on which room you stay in, you will have a direct view of the ocean that you can watch from a daybed or swing. Alternatively, there is a sun deck where all guests are invited to relax.

I stayed in the Sea View Bungalow 4, which is located 20 metres from the beach. The bedroom is equipped with a comfortable bed, three cooling fans and a sitting area with pillows.

The bedroom

Upon walking into the room, I was astonished by the its style and spaciousness. The room’s gigantic sliding glass door pulls back to connect the room to the outside private area. You can choose between relaxing on the sunbed, the sun chair or in the personal infinity dipping pool.

Inside the room, there are more sliding doors, which welcomes you to the most stunning bathroom you may ever see.

Isn’t this the most stunning bathroom you’ve ever seen?

The luxuorious outdoor bathroom was majestic, with a waterfall shower and lots of plants. Best of all, Baia Sonambula offers natural toiletries, including virgin coconut oil! #blackgirlfriendly

Breakfast is included, which is set up outside and adjoins the public sundeck. Eating here felt like something out of a movie: the only sounds you hear are the waves of the Indian ocean, birds chirping from above, and your own voice in your mind questioning “can I stay here forever?”

My view while eating. This is what dreams are made of, right?

Free treats are provided during the day in the kitchen.

The location is beneficial, as you will be on the beach within seconds of leaving Baia Sonambula. Reaching the bars and restaurants will only take a matter of minutes.

Tofinho, another beach that is connected to Tofo beach and equally beautiful, is a 15 minute walk away.

I don’t give hotels a 5/5 rating unless I cannot think of any improvements. The enhancement I can think of is that next time, I need to bring someone to experience how surreal the room is.

So, if my future husband is reading this… please note that we are returning to Baia Sonambula for our anniversary, honeymoon, or any time you want to treat me for being an amazing person.

Where else to stay


If I were to return to Tofo and wanted a whole house to myself, then I would look on Airbnb. A number of places are still close to bars and restaurants, so there should not be any issues.

I stress the issue of distance because some hotels are quite far from Tofo beach so you will be required to walk in the scorching heat with inappropriate shoes (you will be in sandals 99.9% of the time).

As a visual guide, I’d advise you to stay anywhere in the area circled below:

If you stay within this area, you’re good.

Do you plan to visit Tofo any time soon?

Special thanks to Baia Sonambula for collaborating with Melanin Travel and hosting us during our stay. All views are our own – we’ll always keep it real!


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